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Back to School

Came in to work this morning for about 7:10 am, and am having a very good, if somewhat busy-at-moments type of day.

This is going to be an interesting day for me. I've got several gaming projects going on at the moment, which I'll need to get back to when I get home this afternoon after work, and then I start my course at Carleton University this evening.

Yes, I'm going back to school. One of my interests and hobbies over the years has been palaeontology, the study of prehistoric life, including organisms' evolution and interaction with each other and their environments (their palaeoecology). I never really got to pursue this interest in school for various reasons, and have decided this year that I want to expand my horizons in this direction a bit. However, in order to take a Palaeontology course, I need the pre-requisite course in Geology, and so as a result, tonight I start taking Geology 101.

I have to say that I'm looking forward to this, but am wondering whether I have what it takes to keep up and all that. Will definitely talk some more about this as time, and schedule, permits.

But as a final note, Goddess, but are textbooks expensive these days!
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