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Friday Night Game Report - Airship Pirates Session 5

On my morning coffee break here at the office, and figured I'd take care of this one while I have time this morning.

Here, relatively early in the week after the game, is the write-up of the latest Friday night's game session of the Abney Park's Airship Pirates roleplaying game. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.

March 16th, 2150 AD

As the Neobedouins and their allies move to engage the player characters, Arthur Quentin-Smythe and Andrew Hartwell move towards the trio that approach from the unconscious figure of Alsand-Jones. Emily Harrington-Burke, Peter Bear Redwood, and Jeanette Storm move to attack the other Neobedouins, while Haley Deuce and Calliandra Shade stay at the rear. The player characters are still somewhat injured from their airship battle with the Liberty, but manage to carry the day, killing four of the Neobedouins and their allies, while rendering the other three unconscious or dying. Haley, Jeanette, Emily, and Calli make for the unconscious Herbert Alsand-Jones, who is just coming around. He moans about his family, and begs the characters to save them.

On hearing this from the female members of the party, Andrew, Peter, and Arthur head for the burning building, even as the Jeanette and Emily approach one of the slightly recovered Neobedouins. They are joined by Haley, and question the prisoner who has come around, and through some friendly and not-so-friendly "persuasion", Haley gets him to admit that he and the others were hired by Cecil Oakendale to eliminate Alsand-Jones, but he succumbs to his injuries and Haley's methods before he can tell them any more.

Cautiously working their way through the burning building, Andrew, Peter, and Arthur manage to rescue the wife and two daughters of Herbert Alsand-Jones. The characters get out of the ruins of the burning structure as others from the oasis town of Dergobah come to put out the fires, barely avoiding danger from the flames, intense heat and smoke, and fiery debris. The characters receive accolades from the people as they bring the family members out to where Herbert Alsand-Jones waits.

Several hours later, after Alsand-Jones and his wife and children have been treated for their injuries, the grateful Herbert Alsand-Jones tells the characters, and his friend Jeanette, what has been going on. Jeanette's contact had been the go-between between the Oakendales and Scurvy Jack Flanagan-Cumulus, as the two have been doing "business" for some years now. Herbert tells Jeanette and her fellow shipmates that he is grateful for the player characters' actions in saving his family, and that he owes Cecil and Scurvy Jack no favours for what they've just tried to do. He asks them to name their favour, and the player characters learn that Scurvy Jack and the Oakendales use a location known as the San Reyaan Crater as their base. He gives the characters the general location for the crater base, but they don't know of it. The player characters head back for the docks and the moored Bountiful Queen.

Once back aboard the Bountiful, the player characters tell Captain Stormfist what occurred and what they've learned. She tells them that she knows the San Reyann Crater and that it may well be defended by Neobedouins and other outcasts that are loyal to Cecil Oakendale and Scurvy Jack. The Captain puts it to the crew, whether to return to Sanctum and face their justice, or whether to attempt to take on the Oakendales and Scurvy Jack and clear their names once and for all. The crew votes overwhelmingly to take on the Neobedouin and his allies. Captain Stormfist and the characters decide to remain in dock overnight at Dergobah, and await the arrival of the Liberty.

The next morning, the characters awake to find the Liberty has joined them at Dergobah, somewhat worse for the wear but her engines now intact. Captain Stormfist, Henry "The Axe" James, and the player charcters board the Liberty and consult Captain Blackcloud and her crew about how to approach the situation. The Captain of the Liberty has no insights to offer in this regard, and tells Captain Stormfist and her people that she will follow their lead. The Bountiful personnel return to their ship, and the two pirate vessels prepare to get underway.

Robert Carruthers, one of the navigators aboard the Bountiful, is somewhat familiar with San Reyaan, as he had been to the community that is there when he was young, and the Bountiful and the Liberty set course for the Neobedouin haven of the Oakendales. Carruthers tells the Captain and her crewmates that San Reyaan was a mere pirate haven that was converted by the Oakendales into a thriving community on the lip of the extinct volcano, and has grown in power and strength since. With an excellent set of defenses, even the Imperial Air Navy has not succeeded in every destroying the Oakendales' base of operations. Captain Stormfist tells the characters that she wants to know what the characters think of the situation they are in. Peter suggests that they approach San Reyaan and the Oakendales as if they were traders trying to deal for some of their goods. He has been there a couple of times in the past, as part of Redwood trade and salvage expeditions, but both Arthur and Andrew state that while this is a good idea, they are leery of it because of the idea of walking into the "Neobedouin viper's nest." Peter says it is doubtful that Oakendale knows Jeanette and the others, and if the characters can determine where the stolen goods are, perhaps they can figure out a way of recovering them. The Captain agrees to this plan, and the player characters are told to make whatever preparations they feel are necessary.

Some six hours later, the Bountiful Queen drops the player characters off approximately ten miles out from the dormant volcano that is now a Neobedouin haven, San Reyaan. The characters have drawn what they felt is necessary equipment and tools from ship's stores, on the advice of both Peter Redwood and Jeanette Storm, and have made sure to take several sacks of trade goods as well. As the player characters make their way through the surreal and foreboding landscape, they discuss among themselves how they intend to handle matters. Their discussion comes to an end as they see what appears to be a Neobedouin caravan moving at an angle parallel to theirs, heading in the direction of San Reyann.

The characters decide that it would be a good idea to join a larger party heading into San Reyaan, and head in the direction of the Neobedouin caravan. Several outriders of the Neobedouin tribe approach and ask them what they want. Peter addresses their concerns, and learns these people are a small contingent of the San Ramos tribe, on their way to deal with the Neobedouins of San Reyaan. They agree to allow the player characters to travel with them, as Peter convinces them the party can be of use to them, hauling several of their crates of goods and the like once they reach San Reyaan, and Jeanette is able to haggle and deal to gain the service of one of the tribe's wagons and a hogtrike to carry their own goods that the group has been lumbered with. The player characters interact with several of the San Ramos tribe, and meet their leader, Michael. He tells them it was a good idea for them to hook up with others going to San Reyaan, as the trade stop is a dangerous place, controlled by a dangerous tribe called the Oakendales. As the player characters travel with the San Ramos, they learn more about the Oakendales...

I thought that the game session went extremely well, and the players told me that they had a great time in this running of Abney Park's Airship Pirates, and that the situation is starting to get really interesting. The session had a little bit of everything in it, and Kathy, Nick, and Joanne (playing Emily, Peter, and Jeanette) said that they like the idea of having to get into San Reyaan this way, and that it's nice to see the player characters are going to have to deal with this on their own. Obviously, there's more going on here than what the player characters currently know, so I can't go into any detail on that. Both Nick and Joanne commented that they are glad their characters know Spanish, as it may come in handy in this place! :)

Overall, a very pleasant and enjoyable session of Abney Park's Airship Pirates, and I'm looking forward to playing again on Friday night.
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