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Busy Days


What a long day yesterday was.

I had forgotten that I had an appointment with the dentist in the early afternoon, which I got reminded about at 6:45 am when they called from the office to remind me. Fortunately, I was just heading out the door to work at the time.

While I had a relatively decent night's sleep the night before, the day was just very long as between work and everything else, I started my course in Geology 101 at university last night from 6-10 pm. More on that in a separate post.

Suffice it to say that I got home last night quite late, and was feeling exhausted by that time. I did a bit of reading in bed, finishing up the Pink Boots and a Machete autobiography by Mireya Mayor. It was my second time reading the book, and it still is a lovely read, full of thought-provoking stuff, and one of my favourite books of the last year or so. I slept pretty well, and didn't wake until the alarm went off.

Today is another day. I've got an appointment this afternoon with the prostate specialist. It's a follow-up appointment to when I last saw him in May, and we'll see what the blood test results showed. I have the second class of Geology 101 tonight at the university as well, so with all the stuff I have to do aside from this stuff and work, it should be another busy day.
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