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Airship Pirates PBeM Game Underway

On the gaming front news, yesterday saw me launch the new Abney Park's Airship Pirates Play By e-Mail (PBeM) game, Tales of the Airship Pirates, over on Yahoo groups. You can check the game out at

There are very few, if any, game slots still available for players who might want to play in the game, but the mailing list membership is by Moderator approval only. However, the Archive of messages on the mailing list is Public, so anyone can read them, although you won't be able to access the files that have been uploaded and any of the other goodies in the list that are Members only. For those who want to join the mailing list just to get the full experience, and not to actually play, your silence is golden; only players in the game will be allowed to post.

In any event, hope to see some people over there, and hope that folks enjoy the game posts once the game gets underway.

And watch out for propellors in the dawn! :)
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