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Overwhelmed by Mobile Phone Shopping

Back home after a long and strange afternoon.

One of the things I've been considering for a bit now is getting myself a mobile phone. So, after he got off work, spross dropped by here at the house, and then we went over to Billings Bridge mall and did some looking around and pricing on mobile phones. I have to say that between the various retailers selling mobile phones, the sheer amount of "deals" and variety of plans and packages, and some of the other choices out there, well...

I feel completely overwhelmed by the choices and not really knowing the advantages or disadvantages of some of the phones. More to the point, I don't want to do all my internet stuff over the mobile, and I don't want to give up my landline phone. I do, however, know two things. One, I probably want an iPhone or a Samsung because of the lack of flexibility of my fingers (I'm not all that dexterous), and they have nice sized screens and on-screen keyboards. Two, I want a vendor whose apps include stuff for diabetes.

In the meantime, I think I can wait a bit longer before buying a mobile phone. That is all.
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