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Sunday's Gaming Session Thoughts

I am extremely tired.

Sunday afternoon's game wrapped up about an hour ago, and the folks have all gone home. I've done a bit of cleaning up from the game session, and thought I should jot down some thoughts.

I have to say that once more, I'm enjoying the Abney Park's Airship Pirates rpg very much, and this session for the most part was no exception to that rule. I'll be posting more about the game session (which was somewhat abbreviated) in a blog post during the early part of the week, but suffice it to say that the player characters had the fight for their lives against the enemy vessels pirate slavers, and things turned out to not favour the slavers.

As I've noted, the session was abbreviated, as I was able to talk to Joss, and he decided to re-do the game numbers for the character he's playing, Edmund Churchill-Wintermute. The character came out a bit more well-rounded, fit the Neovictorian Upper Class concept as well as the Background of the Imperial Air Navy Officer, and Joss seems much happier with both it and the slight revision to the background history and personality that he's got now. It took close to a couple of hours to do the revision, and the other players were actually quite helpful in the process, so we started play of the Abney Park's Airship Pirates around 3:15 pm or so, and finished up the session around 5:20 pm. Only a couple of hours play, but as you'll see when the write-up is done, quite a lot happened in this session.

Overall, I was pretty happy with how things went, though the game's combat system is quite lethal when it wants to be, but the players all seemed to be having a good time and enjoyed the events, though Doug did seem to get a bit down during a couple of sequences during the action.

Anyway, I'm hungry, so it's time for a bit of supper.
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