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Beginning of a Stressful Week

Monday morning. The start of a new week... and what promises to be a long week.

As those of you may remember from last week's journal entry, there was an absolute mess at work, and the project that I'm working on suffered a major setback. Well, came in to work this morning to find the technical guys disgruntled, the place in a major uproar, and the situation in the office completely unsettled.

The technies spent ten hours Thursday night working on the problem and managed to restore about 15 percent of the data that was lost during the business with the server, and then worked over the entire weekend and have managed to restore pretty much most of the data and material that was lost (about 40 percent worth), but there's bad blood between the technies and the management staff to the blame game that's going on. I find this somewhat unfair, but to be honest, it just doesn't help morale in the office right now, and I'm also a bit swamped under with the project that I'm working on right now as well.

Part of my personally being additionally stressed out at the moment also stems from the fact that this week is full of doctor's appointments. I came in late to work this morning due to having to go for my 3-month diabetes blood tests today. Went to the hospital for the tests before work, and they took 10 vials of blood (three of which were put on ice). The nurse/technician who took the blood did a pretty good job on my arm, but I've got a burning sensation as I write this that hasn't gone away. Supposedly because the technician didn't let the alcohol from the swab dry before she stuck the needle in me.

Anyway, after the blood tests, I went over to Denny's for breakfast, and had pancakes and some bacon with a few grilled veggies on the side to power up for the day (and considering that I hadn't eaten for almost 12 hours, needed this food!). Good meal. Came in to the office to deal with the day, and still have to go to the hospital again this afternoon for an x-ray of my shoulder again, which still seriously bothers me. And tomorrow, I still have to go to the prostate specialist. Ah, well, one joy/(disaster) at a time, right? :)

In the meantime, back to work.
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