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Back From the Urologist

Yes, I am home from the doctor's office. You know, the one I've been dreading.

I showed up at the hospital at the urologist's treatment area at around 1:50 pm for my 2:15 pm appointment, and learned almost immediately that the doctor was behind by over an hour. I finally got in to see the doctor at 3:15 pm, an hour after my scheduled appointment, and it went better than I expected, but worse than I expected as well.

Suffice it to say, the doctor has concluded, based on the blood tests and his DRE (you don't want me to tell you what that is again, do you? Suffice to say it's very gross and uncomfortable) exams the last couple of times that I don't have prostate cancer or any real problems with my prostate, other than what age does to a man's body and his prostate. (Gee, sounds like a book or movie title, "A Man and His Prostate"...not!) However, he did decide, based on several tests, that I have a problem with my kidneys. We discussed several treatment options, but... I'm not going to discuss this matter any further for now, other than to say that I've got some very uncomfortable tests coming up next week.

In the meantime, I've got to deal with that a few other family issues. Add a couple of other health issues, the fact that I was getting stressed about it, and stuff that occurred this past week and weekend, and thus made the decision that you can read about in my next post.

'Nuff said.
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