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My Weekend, So Far...

Just a bit of a weekend report... The weekend has been sedate and mundane, as it was a Bank Holiday long weekend here in Canada, so had time to do all manner of stuff for myself.

Friday night was gaming night, as the players (consisting of SteveB, Kathy, Nick, Tom, and Tom's wife, Joanne) continued on in the campaign of Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX). I'm not going to discuss the game (since folks who shouldn't know might be reading this post!), other than to say that the characters are in a right old mess, but the players are having the time of their lives. Joanne, the newest player to the group, is a fan of the Pulp genre, and she told me after the game broke up at about 1:00 am that night that she didn't know that roleplaying games could be this much fun.

Saturday afternoon, spross came by after work, and we went down to Prime Crime, Ottawa's mystery bookstore, since we both had a few things on hold for us. It had been close to eight months or so since I'd been in, and I had Lindsey Davis's latest paperback, See Delphi and Die and John Maddox Roberts's A Point of Law waiting there for me, as well as a Jules Verne book, and some E.R.B. books waiting for me. The Davis and the Roberts books are set in their Roman mystery series, and I love that stuff.

Saturday was also my mother's birthday, and I had promised her I would cook supper for her. I was going to make roast beef, with roasted potatoes and a nice recipe for spinach with almonds and mushrooms. After spross dropped me back at the house, the roast beast was coming along nicely, and I had just enough time to make the rest of the food, and some salad. We spent a pleasant evening together, and after mom went home, I decided to get to bed early, and after reading for an hour or so slipped into the Dreamlands.

Sunday would have normally been a gaming day, but because of the long weekend, we didn't play anything. spross dropped by again the in the afternoon, and we did some sample combats using the HEX system with some of the creatures from the HEX scenario, "The Secret of Lake Qechacua", that I needed to work on for the sequel scenario. That went pretty well, and after Steve took off for home, I did some more writing on the new scenario.

Had a nice, leisurely supper of some more of the roast beef, with some brown rice, fresh steamed green beans, and a salad. Jeff Combos, the head honcho of Exile Games (the folks who make HEX) returned my call, and we chatted for a good, long time about various things while I was cooking food, so I ate somewhat later than I would have liked. Watched my summer vice, Big Brother, on the tube, before crashing for the night, and am having a good morning already, having cleaned up a bit in the den.

Got a lot of other stuff to do with what's left of the morning here at home, so will end this LJ entry here. Kettle's boiling, so...
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