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Another Thurday Workday Done

Just came home from work after having spent time at the doctor's office as well.

Work was pretty good today, as the translation project I'm working on is going smoothly, and the hostility between the management types and the technical types seems to have abated for now.

The appointment with the doctor was just to follow up on a couple of things, notably my back problems and the pain in my hips and thighs. The conclusion is that the nerve in my back is still bulging, that I need to get some more treatment for it, but that the doctors don't want to consider surgery at this time. This is not a surprise to me, as for last two months I've just been living with the pain that has not eased off all that much since I went to GenCon.

In the meantime, I'm going to spend the afternoon relaxing somewhat, doing a bit of reading, writing up some stuff for my Abney Park's Airship Pirates Friday and Sunday campaigns, and may even watch a movie tonight. Goddess knows that I have enough DVDs in my to view queue (TVQ) to watch.
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