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Once again, pretty late in the week, here is the write-up of the latest Friday night's game session of the Abney Park's Airship Pirates roleplaying game. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.

March 19th, 2150 AD

The player characters wake the next morning, being fully aware of what they need to do this day. As the player characters eat their morning meal, Alexander Foxhound arrives, having received their summons the night before [the players spent 1 Fate Point to have this happen]. When asked, he says that he does know of a reliable pilot, a former Air Navy Officer down on his luck in San Reyaan by the name of Henry Jones-Wilcox. He agrees to seek out Jones-Wilcox and offer him the job the player characters discuss with him.

The player characters split up, and prepare to go about their morning tasks. Calliandra Shade leads Peter Bear Redwood, Andrew Hartwell, and Haley Deuce down to the docks, to the area where the warehouse that is rented by Scurvy Jack Flanagan-Cumulus, and they find that there are only a few guards protecting the shipment. Peter and Haley use their wiles to recruit several of the labourers and a longshoreman for a "job" they have in mind. They demand extra pay due to the hazardous nature of the job and the time when it will be done, but the characters agree to it.

Heading to the mooring facilities, Emily Harrington-Boothe, Arthur Quentin-Smythe, and Jeanette Storm inquire as to whether there are any Guppies (a type of small airboat) available, and learn that there are two of them. Both are currently being worked by two of the cargo airships in port, the Landfree out of Isla Aether and the Haymarket out of Reggie's Point. The characters inquire as to the location of the two vessels, and are told where to find them. Thanking the Harbourmaster, they depart for the mooring areas. At the berth of the Landfree, they learn the ship is due to depart for Isla Aether within the next two hours, so deem the Guppy impossible to steal overnight. The Haymarket, on the other hand, is due to leave the next morning so her Guppy is currently inactive until the dawn, and Emily, Arthur, and Jeanette are convinced that the ship won't be missed. They attempt to convince her commander, Nate Quincey, to undertake a minor jaunt with some cargo for them, but he refuses, preferring to honour his "legitimate" trade. The characters depart, all smiles, and return to the Volcano's Ash.

The player characters meet up once more at the drinking establishment and inn they call home, and find that Alexander is waiting for them, as promised, with Henry Jones-Wilcox. They learn of his story, and there's enough to it that they trust him to fly the Guppy, although he says that he doesn't have a lot of experience with one. Andrew Hartwell worries that Jones-Wilcox seems to be a hard drinker, but the others accept the statement that he can fly the craft as they need. The player characters arrange with Jones-Wilcox to meet them back at the building that night.

The player characters spend the rest of the day making use of their time to explore a bit more of San Reyaan. Emily does some shopping in the San Reyaan market, and purchases a pair of gloves and a scarf that match her green eyes. Peter goes to visit some Outriders on the edge of the city, and learns more about how the place operates and the way in which the community was built into the edge of the volcano. Andrew goes in search of some personal supplies, specifically some quality booze, and buys a case load. He arranges to have it delivered to the Volcano's Ash. Jeanette goes back to the Trade House of Haffik Oakendale, and makes a side deal with the merchant, arranging for some goods to be delivered to the mooring spot of the Haymarket at sundown. The merchant feels this is an odd time for such a delivery, but agrees to do so. As she leaves the Trade House, Jeanette spots Alexander Foxhound, and is suspicious of his presence there. Haley and Calli take a walk through San Reyaan and see the sights. Calli points out to her that they are being followed, and Haley sees that it is the two men from their first night in San Reyaan. Arthur Quentin-Smythe goes to the marketplace, and purchases some replacement clothes, and then returns back to the Volcano's Ash.

Two hours after sunset, the player characters split their forces once more, but not before Jeanette tells the others of what she suspects of Alexander Foxhound. Emily, Arthur, Jeanette, Alexander, and the slightly drunk Henry Jones-Wilcox go cautiously to the dock moorings and the berth of the Haymarket. They find a small security force there, belonging to Commander Quincey, but make short work of his men, the drunk Jones-Wilcox in no condition to aid them in the minor skirmish. Getting aboard and scuppering away with the small airboat nearby, they head for the warehouse where Scurvy Jack rents space.

Meanwhile, Peter, Andrew, Haley, and Calli work their way to the warehouse in question, and find that the dock workers recruited by them earlier are waiting. Peter pays them half of what they're owed in advance, as agreed. They find the warehouse is deserted, but then come upon the bodies of the guards present there, seemingly slaughtered only moments before. Before Peter can order the others back, One-Hand Hannigan, one of Scurvy Jack's enforcers, emerges from the shadows with five of his men, and tell the player characters that it's time to pay back the crew of the Bountiful Queen with some pain. The fight between Hannigan's men and the player characters doesn't favour the player characters, especially with Calli in the middle of it all, but Peter, Andrew, Haley, and Calli are saved as steamrifle fire opens up from above - the (air) cavalry has arrived in the form of the Haymarket's airboat and her absconders, with Arthur and Jeanette leading the attackers.

With Hannigan seriously injured and his men all dead, the player characters enter the warehouse. Checking the cargo manifest that has been sloppily left lying about, Jeanette locates the cargo that belongs to them among that stored there, and Andrew and Peter question Hannigan about why Scurvy Jack wanted them. He replies that Captain Stormfist knows why, and that they aren't going to escape that easily. The Scurvy Princess is on her way, as "we was told ye'd be attacking the warehouse!" Hannigan collapses from his wounds, although Emily insists on applying her medical knowledge to his wounds, as she can't let him die. Meanwhile, Arthur and Jeanette realise that the authorities may come running soon due to the gunfire, and quickly have the dock workers start loading the Bountiful's stolen cargo aboard the Haymarket's airboat. The player characters are helping in the loading of the cargo as they hear the sounds of feet running and torches light the night. The San Reyaan guards are coming!

The player characters have to finish loading the cargo, as the dock workers panic and flee, and the player characters barely have time to untie the mooring ropes of the Haymarket's airboat before the city guard arrives. Amidst a hail of gunfire, the airboat flees into the night, but not before Jeanette takes a serious wound. Emily checks the wound, and declares it quite bad, but she can merely check the bleeding and bind it tight as the airboat flees through the night, heading for the moored Bountiful Queen well outside the city. The player characters fail to notice as another airship, a Tigerfish-class vessel, rises from the mooring docks of San Reyaan...

This was one of the most enjoyable sessions of a roleplaying game that I've had in years, and more than made up for some of the stuff that has been occurring in the games of late. The Friday night players came up with the plan to steal the Guppy and thus procure their own cargo all on their own, and just needed a bit of help in the execution from a couple of NPCs and the dockworkers. The fight between the players and Hannigan and his men was well done by the player characters, holding their own until, as Kathy said, "...our bloody friends get here!!" What the next session of the game holds is anyone's guess, since I've not completely got an idea of what I want to have happen as the set elements of the session. Regardless, I'm having a blast running the Abney Park's Airship Pirates rpg, and the players have been having a great time with it.


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