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First Geology Class Field Trip

Yesterday was one of those bizarre days with interesting things happening.

Yes, it wa the 1st of October, the start of a new month. That's old news already.

Yesterday was also the first field trip for the Geology course I am taking this year.

I woke up around 4:30 am, as I had to be at the site, a quarry some 20 klicks north of the city, around 7:00 am. I made sure that I dressed very well - three sweaters and a good jacket for the season - and made it out to the quarry around 6:45 am. Bitter cold. Blustery wind. No cover in the quarry for the likes of me and my fellow students and our instructor.

I learned more about types of rock strata, the history of rock strata, and specific minerals and rocks found in the Ottawa area during the field trip than I might have wanted to know in the past. It was certainly educational (as it's meant to be), but the climate and the weather were...distracting for me. And then there was the rock climbing. Yes, I learned yesterday how to rock climb, with ropes, pitons, and the whole bit. At one point, I and a fellow student were hanging twenty-five feet above the quarry on a rock face examining a vein, and getting all feely and touchy with it. We learned the basics of geological technique this day and got in a bit of experience at it, as well as lots of history and knowledge information.

All in all, a satisfying experience from an educational point of view. But Goddess, was it cold! Freezing, more like. When I got home after the field trip, about 2:00 pm or so, I didn't think I would ever feel warm again, and that was after a shower and a hot cup of tea. I had a bit more to eat and another hot cup of tea around 4:30 pm or so, and still didn't feel warm, though I was feeling better. I was hurting in places that I didn't expect to hurt, and to be honest, I was worried about how my back was going to take the whole experience, and let's just say that I was in quite a bit of pain when I got home.

This morning, the aches and pains that I've got are somewhat worse than they were yesterday afternoon, to be expected I guess, but my back and arms are hurting something fierce. Tylenol is my friend today, I suspect, and we'll see how my digestive system reacts to the abuse to which I put my body and my guts yesterday. Despite the weather, the conditions, and all the other stuff, I had a pretty good day of it during the field trip, and rather enjoyed the hands-on experience of it all and the knowledge I picked up.

In the meantime, life goes on...
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