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A Monday of Pain

A rather cool, somewhat rainy and gloomy, Monday morning here in the Ottawa valley.

Sitting at my desk this morning will all manner of paperwork and stuff in front of me, but not feeling up to much. The geology class field trip that I went on Saturday is definitely biting me in the back and most of the muscle groups that I'm not used to using of late, and I feel like a walking disaster. I definitely wish that I had been able to stay in bed today, take pain meds, and just keep warm with comforters and hot drinks and the like.

Instead, I find myself sitting here at work, the Robaxacet doing it's job sort of, and making me a bit woozy and dim-witted for the most part, but the Chai tea is keeping me warm at least.

I caught the second episode of the new tv series, Pan Am last night, and am continuing to enjoy it, seeing the characters evolve and develop, and learning more about them and all. The acting has been pretty good, and I find myself really like this show. Tonight, is the second episode of the Terra Nova series, and I'm still of mixed reactions on that one. There's also Castle tonight, which I'm looking forward to as well.
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