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Airship Pirates PBeM Thoughts

Ever since I dropped out of the Airship Pirates Play By e-Mail (PBeM) game that I started due to a variety of reasons, I've been terribly depressed. It wasn't just the dropping out that has got to me, although I stick to my reasons for doing so, but also the fact that I handed my "baby" off to someone else and all the baggage that goes with *that* decision.

The only way I know of to fix this and get myself back together in this regard is to start another game up. So, if anyone has an interest in getting into a Play By e-Mail game based on the Abney Park's Airship Pirates Roleplaying Game, please drop me a line, either here in the Comments section or get in touch with me in personal e-mail. If enough people express an interest in getting into a game, I may actually run one again.

That's all.
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