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A Stressful Couple of Days

I haven't posted to the journal in a couple of days, but it's been a somewhat hectic, and highly agitating couple of days.

Work has been very busy, and I had promised a nice person at a gaming company in Seattle that I would do some proofreading of a pdf document that is already laid out. So coming home after work the last couple of days, I've been proofreading like heck, and finally managed to finish off the material that I had promised early yesterday evening. Haven't really wanted to go on the computer since, but had several things to do - journalling not being one of them, but I am intent on keeping the Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) PBeM game going. and had some stuff to do for the game, as well as answering a few of the posts.

Imagine my horror, on returning home from work today, to discover that when I booted the computer with Linux (the SuSE flavour) on it, the blasted machine informed me that the Linux kernel did not exist, and then to my added trepidation, said that the formatted drive with all my data could not be found! :( I spent a couple of hours checking things out, and trying to get the system to work, but gave up and turned the system off, in favour of a cup of tea and some cheese and vegetables. When I returned downstairs to the den, and rebooted the computer, imagine my surprise to find that the system booted perfectly, as if nothing had happened at all! I am dreading turning on this computer tomorrow morning, or afternoon, or whenever I decide to do so again. In actual fact, I don't really want to look at the computer again for a few days, to be honest.

Just a day with a good deal of stress, and annoyance. Add the uncomfortable Ottawa weather (it's hot and humid, and I don't do hot and humid well at all), and...well, I was stressed enough, and don't really need this right now.

Anyway, off to bed after a nice cup of herbal tea.
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