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Well, some folks may be wondering why I started the journal to begin with, so I thought I'd try and explain my reasoning on the matter.

My birthday was on July 3rd, and this year I turned 51. (Yes, you can do the math yourself to figure out what year I was born! :)) It occurred to me that setting up a Livejournal and writing about my daily life might be a good way to keep track of things, keep my thoughts in order (or something like that), and so forth. While I've not got a lot to say, so the journal won't necessarily see a lot of entries at times, I feel it's a good idea to keep an on-line journal of my attitudes, thoughts, and opinions on a variety of subjects and events that come up during the day-to-day routines that one goes throguh. The journal represents my link to the world, as it were, and will allow me to comment on a variety of subjects that may or may not be interesting to folks to read.

On the subject of my birthday, this is the first time in 15+ years that I haven't had a Blackforest cake. I can't really remember how the tradition started, but I usually buy a Blackforest cake for myself and share it with friends and family on my bday, but didn't do so this year. I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 back in late 2003, and to be honest with you, I had lost a good deal of weight on the South Beach Diet between September, 2004 and my birthday in 2005, but after my birthday last year, something went horribly wrong, in that I didn't stick to the diet for about six momths, and I gained back something along the lines of 14 lbs. Not good, so I decided to forego the cake this year (but did manage to still have the glass of Bailey's Irish Cream that usually goes with the cake). Instead, went out to my favourite Chinese restaurant here in Ottawa, a place called Lai Lai. More on the dinner that should never have been in the next entry.
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