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Things to Do, Things to Do...

Home from work, after voting in the Ontario Provincial election, and catching up on a few things.

First off, laundry. I've let this go for about a week, as was too tired and too sore on the weekend to do much of it, and it has...collected. Or grown. Got a big load of laundry on right now, with more to follow later this evening.

Second, homework. Yes, I do have homework for the Geology class I'm taking. Reading a couple of chapters for next week's class on Tuesday night, and have the first small essay that I have to do as well for the middle of the month (that is, October).

Third, reading. I haven't been doing a lot of reading the last month, and it showed in the Books Read for the Month of September blog entry. Started reading my second book of the month, and am rather enjoying it so far. Plan to get in a chapter or three today.

Fourth, the Airship Pirates Play By e-Mail (PBeM) game that I'm running. Character generation has finally started for the game, with the Character Concept process and the decision on whether to have a player character or non-player character Captain for the Airship. Got several Character Concepts from players to look at this afternoon, so that will keep me a bit busy. And yes, there's still about five (5) player slots for people who are interested in playing in the game. The URL for the game is:


If you are interested in playing in the game, the sooner you get involved in the game, the better. Once you are approved by the Moderator (that's me), please read all the prior messages, and adhere to the protocols of the mailing list and the game before getting involved. Thanks. :)


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Oct. 6th, 2011 11:34 pm (UTC)
You sound terrificly busy!

Oct. 7th, 2011 02:18 pm (UTC)
Well, it keeps me off the streets and all that! :)

Yeah, I'm keeping busy. Best thing for me these days, what with my non-existent love life. :)
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