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A Busy Wednesday

Busy day at work, and the rest of the day promises to be hectically busy as well.

Aside from work today, I've got to go get blood tests done today, which I've already taken care of this morning before coming in to work. Fortunately, I didn't have to fast or anything, and they only took a couple of vials of blood, but it was over 20 minutes wait in the hospital lab. Came in to work a bit later than I planned, but everything was cool, though the pile of work on my desk was somewhat intimidating.

I'm going to be leaving work around 2:45 pm today, as I have to get back to the hospital for 3:20 pm, since I've got the appointment with the Diabetes Clinic doctor, to assess my current status. Depending how long the appointment there takes, I may not have time to go home and get my stuff for Geology class tonight, but I'm going to take that chance. Didn't want to lug all the school work stuff with me as well today, so am going to remain an optimist on this score.

Then it's going to be off to my Geology class for the evening, foregoing a meal at home once more, so another busy day (and night) in the cards today.

How am I staying sane with all this stuff going on? :)
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