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Post-Work Tuesday Thoughts

Another day, another dollar.

Work was pretty good today, and no crises occurred.

The Abney Park's Airship Pirates PBeM game that I'm running has no progress in it at the moment, as I'm waiting on several of the players to finish their Character History and Personality write-ups before we can go forward with the game. It looks to be shaping up well, but I am looking forward to actually *playing* the game with folks and all. Meanwhile, still looking for a few folks who might be interested in getting into the game and all. Just follow the link to the PBeM Mailing List page.

Still continuing on with the reconstruction of some of my gaming notes and files for stuff, and am missing quite a bit after the crash, but such is life. And I am making plans to buy another computer shortly as well.

In the meantime, gotta start thinking about getting ready to head out for my Geology class.
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