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Of Computers and Geology Class

Home from work after a long day on the job.

Don't feel all that good, as it's been wet and cool the last day or so, and I feel like my allergies are back in strength mode. Taking the meds makes me feel less ill, but not that great.

In some computer news, I have just finished ordering a brand new computer from the good folks at Dell Canada. I was pretty happy with the Dell Inspiron 1525 that I have, and figured that there was no harm and no foul in buying another Dell, and they have a good sale on right now. Won't be receiving the computer itself until around November 1st, so looking forward to getting the new machine.

Found out in school last night that I'll be going on another geology class field trip on Saturday, the 29th. Looking forward to it somewhat, but hoping that the weather isn't too cold and wet (let alone snowy). Class is going well, but I have some homework that I really need to get to.

Speaking of which, got to get ready for class tonight. Later, folks.
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