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Post-Sunday Game Thoughts

Gaming session is done for the day. Not a pleasant experience in a lot of ways.

I'm not going to go into a lot of details, but I'm finding the running of Abney Park's Airship Pirates to be a bit of a chore when it comes to the Sunday gaming group. This session was more proof of this, as a lot of what came up in play seemed forced and artificial. The biggest struggle that I'm having is with Rick's play of his character, or lack thereof. There's no emotional content to his playing the character of Finnius P. Cloudbody, and it's really quite wearing on me. Doug is still struggling with the Green Harry character he created, despite three re-jiggings of the character, and that's been depressing me to some extent this weekend. You'll be able to judge for yourself when you see the write-up on the Sunday session later this week.

In other news, Tammy gave me the copy of the Ubuntu v11.10 version DVD that she made up for me, and we'll see how that installs sometime on Monday. While I don't mind working in Ubuntu v8.04, it's not got a lot of functionality. And we won't talk about the primitive versions of Thunderbird and Firefox that I'm currently using.

In the meantime, I've got to make something to eat for supper, and then I'm going to settle in with the first episode of Once Upon A Time tonight, and then Pan Am at ten o'clock. Looking forward to getting my head out of the Airship Pirates doldrums.
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