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Once Upon A Time Debuts on TV (No Spoilers)

The new series, Once Upon A Time debuted last night on the tube.

I have to say that I really liked what I saw, and the series has promise.

There was a good deal of special effects in this first hour, lots of blue screen time for the actors, and the story was pretty basic without much of a pay-off. That's all right, however, since this was the first episode and it had to introduce all the primary characters and the setting of the faerie tale realm and that of Storybrooke.

Without giving away a lot of detail, the story had some really good moments, some lame moments, and some wonderful dialogue at times. Emma's story is just beginning, and I think I like the character (though there was nothing to like about her character, to be honest). The juxtaposition of the faerie tale characters in the modern day town of Storybrooke and their selves in the faerie tale realm was interesting, and I think there's some really interesting and varied stuff they can do with a lot of these folks, but that remains to be seen.

Overall, a good story that reminded me of an issue or three of the Fables comic book series (with the addition of Emma and the young boy whose name I can't remember), and a promising start.
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