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Ubuntu v11.10 Up and Running, and PBeM Thoughts

Home from work after a long day. Nothing worth talking about insofar as that's related.

If you are reading this blog entry, then know that it was written after I successfully installed the Ubuntu v11.10 operating system. Looks really good so far, and has me quite happy with it.

Insofar as other stuff is concerned, progress on the front of the Airship Pirates: Tales of the Airship Pirates PBeM game is slow, as I'm waiting on certain players to finish their game stats and numbers before I can move on to the Airship and Schtick Skills with everyone. I had hoped that the game would actually start play before the beginning of November, but don't know how likely this is now. We'll see. And yes, I am still looking for a few players for the PBeM game, so if you're interested at all, please go to the link. :)
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