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A Lousy, Rotten Day

This has been one of the longest days of my life, and a total hassle so far. Thank Goddess it's over and I can just go to bed.

Got ready to head out to the doctor's office for the flu shot appointment for between 1 and 1:30 pm, and discovered the car wouldn't start. Called the doctor's office to see if I could postpone the shot, but his receptionist told me that there wasn't another clinic day after this until December, and that there was a note on my file that he wanted me to have the shot asap. So, I caved in and called a taxi, and took a taxi back and forth between the doctor's office and work (cost me about $40 total). Not happy, you know.

Get back to the office and finish work for the day, and then call the garage to come and get the car, as it's dead as a Dalek. The car door won't open with the remote, the headlights don't flash, and so forth. Dead car. The dealer guy shows up with another guy, and they boost the car. Took them fifteen minutes to boost the car, as it wouldn't take. This isn't the first time that this has happened the last two months, so the guys agreed to take the car back to the garage and have a full check done on it, but that leaves me high and dry for getting home. Not to mention school tonight for Geology class.

Anyway, to put it simply, the guys from the garage give me a lift back to the house and drop me off, and then take the car away to the garage. I managed to get ready for school for the evening, took a cab over to Carleton University, and had a good night of class. Got lucky, as one of my classmates was heading home and passing close to where I live, so he gave me a lift home and dropped me off. Close to 11:00 pm as usual. Just tired, and hurting from the flu shot, and...

Just a day I want to forget, if possible.
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