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Middle of the Week, Thanks Goddess

'Morning, all... I think. It's Wednesday, so all I have to say is thank Goddess that it's Hump Day. Can't wait for this week to be over.

My arm still hurts from the flu shot yesterday, mostly in the shoulder and upper arm area. Not crippling pain or anything, but still uncomfortable.

Discovered this morning that I didn't tape Unforgettable last night. CTV switched the channels, so that the Simon Cowell reality series was on the station that I had taped, and Unforgettable was on the alternate station, but that's not what the TV Guide stuff said. Will have to watch it or tape it on Thursday night. *sigh*

Still no word on the car, no message on the answering machine last night when I got home from school. See the blog previous to this one for what I'm talking about.

I managed to get a ride to work with the folks from the car pool, including Donna, so that was cool. I'll take a cab home from work so that I have time to rest up a bit and prepare for this evening's geology class at Carleton. I've arranged with Daniel, the guy who gave me a lift home last night after class, to give me a lift to and from class this evening, in exchange for some gas money for the driving. He seems an alright sort, and so I'm happy to do that.

I'm thinking right now about nothing more than getting through the morning, and having some lunch in about an hour and a half, if the boss lets us go around that time. In the meantime, I'm just a little bit cold here at work since there has been problems with the heating systems today. Thank Godess for chai tea. :)
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