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Another Thursday

A very cold, less than bright, Thursday morning.

Came in to work to find a load of paper on my desk that needs to be gone through this morning. That should keep me busy, for sure.

Geology class went well both days this week, courtesy of getting a ride from my classmate, Daniel, who has been a really good egg about this. I'm hoping I have my car back for the weekend, but still haven't heard anything so this is seeming less likely as the weekend nears. Made arrangement with Daniel to get a ride to the caves this weekend for the geology class field trip.

All that's on tap for today is an appointment after work with footcare to have my feet and toes looked after. Looking forward to that, as a bit of foot massage never hurts! :) In the meantime, slogging through a difficult chapter in my geology class reading, and doing research on French cheese makers from the 17th Century for other stuff going on. And when I get home from work today, I should be able to post the game session journals from the two games last weekend. Busy day, indeed! :)
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