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Field Trip is Done

Back at home after my Geology class field trip for the month to one of the local cave systems in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

Won't talk about the actual field trip itself per sé, other than to say that it was highly educational, quite beautiful from an aesoteric and geological point of view, and that I was half-frozen by the time I got home, and this despite three layers of clothing. I was also quite glad that I wore an older pair of jeans, though they weren't as warm as they might have been, as my clothes are filthy and muddy.

Got home, and first thing I did was crawl into the shower and take as hot a shower as I could have. Would have taken a bath, but too dirty and needed to clean the mud and stuff off me. That, and I just wanted the hot, hot water to warm my bones, as I feel as if I will never be warm again.

Overall, a rather enjoyable experience, a lot of stuff learned, and one that I wouldn't have missed for the world, but Goddess, am I still feeling the chill of the early morning hours in my bones!
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