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No Hallow's Eve Trick or ZTreating

Not working at the office today, as I've done something to the muscles in my upper back. Very, very painful, so called in to work this morning and the boss was kind enough to let me work from home today.

Last night's Halloween turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. I went out and bought some apples and a few chocolate candy treats for the kiddies that I expected to come knocking at the door, and to my disappointment, only three children came to the door, and two of them were together. Definitely disappointing.

I suspect part of this stems from the fact that the immediate area that I live in (a condominium set of townhouses in a street of its own that curves around in a circle) has much fewer children than it used to a few years ago, as kids grow up and the Halloween activities of running outside and going door-to-door yelling, "Trick or treat!", and the like just fades away, unless replaced with new families with their children.

Somewhat sad by this, oddly enough.
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