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Feeling Run Down, Sort of

Wednesday morning. The second day of the new month, November.

I feel *tired*.

Since the car died and I've had to make alternate arrangements for transportation and the like, I've been feeling like a chicken running around without a head. This has made grocery shopping and all the menial little details that we do every day more difficult, and time consuming (well, actually time taking, but that's part of it). Part of how I feel at the moment is run-down. I've been feeling this way since after the Geology class field trip, and am hoping that I haven't come down with a minor cold or some sort (but anything's possible, given my health), but it seems that I'm not getting all that much sleep these days, either. Too much on my mind, I suppose.

The Geology course last night went swimmingly well, and I'm still having a good time with it. The reading for the course has been intense, and I'm not finding the material all that difficult per sé, but I am learning all sorts of new things. Keeps the mind sharp, I guess.

Meanwhile, the Abney Park's Airship Pirates Play By e-Mail game has actually started in earnest, and the game is going quite well so far. Still looking for a few players who might want to get involved in the game and create characters, so if you're reading this and interested in playing in the game, please drop me a line or better yet, subscribe to the mailing list and get reading stuff from the beginning. :)
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