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Books Read in October, 2011

Given it's the start of the new month of November, well relatively close to the start of the new month, I figured I should post up my reading that I did for the month of October, while I have a chance. Here are the reading figures for my October reads.

Books Read in October, 2011

The Amazing Dr. Darwin by Charles Sheffield

July, 2011 Comics

Ashen Stars Roleplaying Game by Robin D. Laws (RPG)

Dead Rock Seven by Gareth Hanrahan (RPG)

The Steampunk Bible by Jeff VanderMeer with S.J. Chambers

Dead Famous by Ben Elton (r)

Mainspring by Jay Lake

Women as Demons by Tanith Lee

August, 2011 Comics

September, 2011 Locus

I didn't seem to do as much reading as I normally do over the course of a month at this time of year, but part of that was the distraction of the Airship Pirates PBeM game that I'm running these days, the schoolwork and reading for the Geology class I'm taking (which I'm not factoring in here), and a few other things. That said, no re-reads this month at all. Overall, I managed to read 5 novels, 2 RPGs and RPG products, 3 magazine, 10 comics, and 0 graphic novels in October. This brings the year total in 2011 to 55 books, 15 RPGs and RPG products, 19 magazines, 76 comics, and 1 graphic novel.
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