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Here's the game session report on the latest game session of the continuing adventures of the Sunday gaming group in the Abney Park's Airship Pirates campaign. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.

March 24th, 2150 AD

Aaron Cheetah, Emma Whitlocke, Green Harry, and Henry Tamarind report for duty on the night shift guarding the Scarlet Lady. It is a dark, somewhat overcast night, and there is no sign of Finnius Cloudbody. The previous shift reports that there has been nothing out of the ordinary. They tell the characters that they have left some vittles for them in the lower crow's nest. Henry and Aaron take the dockside watch to start, while Emma and Harry handle the watch aboard ship.

Several hours of watch duty go by uneventfully. The two groups of characters switch duties, so that Henry and Aaron take shipboard watch, while Harry and Emma take dockside duty. Emma goes to check out the hangar, and sees that the door is partly ajar. She hears shuffling sounds from within, and calls out for Harry to come and join her. She hears what sounds to be rummaging inside the hangar, and then there is the sound of a metal object striking the ground. She decides that she can't wait for Harry, and cautiously ventures into the hangar, lighting a torch as she goes in. She searches around but finds and sees no one, and then comes upon what appears to be a pot that is still warm with an empty can of food lying on the ground.

Meanwhile, Harry catches sight of several people approaching the mooring port of the Scarlet Lady, and calls for Emma to come and join him, but she is already somewhat busy. Henry hears Harry calling, but something comes over him [it has to do with his problem being aboard the airship] and he zones out, freezing into immobility. Aaron comes over to him, and guides Henry to the docking plank. All the time, Harry is keeping an eye on the men approaching the ship, but when he points them out to the newly arrived Henry and Aaron, they cannot see them due to the dark and their partial concealment behind some of the dock machinery and crates.

Having not found anyone inside the hangar, Emma emerges to find a situation developing outside. After some taunting by Harry about how he can see them, the four figures emerge from behind the crates and machinery and approach the player characters. They are pirates, and approach the characters armed with pistols and cutlasses. Their leader, Horace Quincey, tells them that they're off the Jackarrow, a vessel with a dubious reputation, and that if the player characters give them the girl, no one will get hurt. Needless to say, the player characters have no idea who or where the girl they're looking for is, and the pirates attack.

The player characters easily defeat the pirates, killing them all, although Harry tries to take Horace Quincey prisoner, but kills him accidentally. Aaron is quite injured during the attack. The fight, with the clash of sword on sword, draws the attention of the Aetherian guards, a contingent of whom arrive in the aftermath of the skirmish, weapons and lit torches out. The player characters explain what has happened, and the Aetherians take the bodies, equipment and all, telling the characters that they can claim the booty at the Courthouse nearby some time the next day.

Emma does a bit of medical treatment on Aaron, but her skill is inadequate to the job, and she actually injures him somewhat again. While Henry remains to help the injured Aaron, Emma leads Harry back to the warehouse where she heard the sounds and the two spot the figure of someone short and relatively young emerging from the front of the hangar. Emma and Harry try to head off the small figure, possibly a girl, but she gives them the slip and disappears into the warehouse populated area.

At the end of the shift, Captain Katharine Tempest arrives at the dockside, and learns of the events of the night shift. On hearing the name of the Jackarrow, she tells Black Angus to double the shifts in size, as the Jackarrow has a reputation as a vile ship as well as a slaver, and that her captain may come seeking revenge on the crew of the Scarlet Lady when he learns who was responsible for the deaths of his crew members. At the grumbling of her crew, the Captain says they can have some extra grog as compensation, and this cheers the crew up somewhat. The sharp-eyed Tempest sees that Finnius Cloudbody is nowhere to be found, and when she learns that he didn't work the shift, tells the player characters that they're going to be the ones to discipline Finnius when he shows his face once more.

The player characters and Henry Tamarind head back for the Blue Parrot. Emma stops off at Mama Chiffon's, and hears scuttlebutt that the skirmish between the Jackarrow's crew and those of the Scarlet Lady was over and about "wood". Harry decides to stop off at Mama Chiffon's as well, and has a meal of racid nuggets washed down with some rum, and then heads back for the Parrot. He helps the still injured Aaron back to the Blue Parrot, who has a meal there of oat flakes and beer.

At precisely 5:00 pm, the player characters head back to the ship after sleeping most of the day off, and learn their second guard duty shift begins at 10:00 pm. They learn that the booty from their dealings with the crew of the Jackarrow have been sent over to the ship - several skins of liquor (but no sign of Finnius to identify them), four small pistols and a set of four cutlasses, all in good condition. They go back to the Blue Parrot and get some more sleep before an evening meal. Aaron gets some healing at an Isla Aehter dockside clinic for He2.35.

The player characters arrive shortly before 10:00 pm for their shift, and there is still no sign of Finnius. They learn that the Captain has ordered they are to be equipped with steampistols for their guard shift. Emma and Henry start the shift on the docks, leaving Harry and Aaron to take the shipboard duty. The other four crew on guard with them are scattered around. Emma and Henry go to check out the hangar once more, and find the girl is there. She's roughly 3'10" tall, around 60 lbs., and has brownish blonde hair, silvery blue eyes, and is wearing ragged skyfolk clothing in a brown and green shade. She's also quite nimble. The girl is somewhat exhausted, and pretty hungry, and she tells the two characters that her name is Maggie.

This game session was much better than the last few of the Abney Park's Airship Pirates Sunday game, but the sad news is that Rick has left the group, and therefore I have to figure out what to do with his Finnius Cloudbody character. (I'm actually inclined to leave this up to the rest of the players to decide, as if I'd been creating the NPC trader for the group, he wouldn't have had the stats that Rick gave the character, but that's another story.) The session had a simple fight scene with the pirates off the Jackarrow, and the players handled the fight extremely well, and pretty much aced it (other than the injuries suffered as usual by spross's character). The players all seemed to be a bit more relaxed this session, and got in some decent roleplaying as well. Looking forward to the next game session.


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