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My Back, the Disaster

Having a very bad evening.

spross came over this afternoon, and he helped me dig out the gaming stuff for the Blue Planet v2 roleplaying game that I intend to run again some time down the road.

But in the meantime, disaster has struck... As noted in the earlier journal entry today, spross was going to help me put the air conditioner cover on to protect it for the winter. Turns out that he couldn't do it alone, so I went outside with him to help lift and hold in position and so forth. Well, I've tweaked my back something badly. As most of my readers and friends know, I've got a bulging disc in my back, and while it's not gotten any worse or stuff, I'm just living with it. But right after we finished and I moved out from under the a/c unit, I knew I was in trouble. I've seriously tweaked my back, and the pain in both my spinal area of the lower back and my left leg leaves me no doubt I'm in trouble.

Since spross left my place, I've been lying down with some ice on the spot on my back, and have taken some Robaxacet for the pain and swelling. This is not good.

Oh, and as for the air conditioner? Turns out we couldn't put the cover on the air conditioner because it's not fitting right and couldn't be screwed to the outside wall properly. So I've hurt my back for nothing. :<
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