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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Airship Pirates Session 11

Here's the game session report on the latest game session of the continuing adventures of the Sunday gaming group in the Abney Park's Airship Pirates campaign. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.

Just one quick note, first. The ramblings and events from this session are based largely on my fractured memory and the scrambled notes that I took on Sunday, in light of the fact that the pain medication for my back was making me a bit light-headed and woozy. Any errors in the events noted here or their sequence is mine.

March 26th, 2150 AD

Emma Whitlocke tries to convince Maggie to go with her to the ship, but the girl refuses to go as there's safety in the hangar. Remembering there was food there, Emma decides to go and get the girl something to eat from the crow's nest. She emerges from the hangar, leaving Henry to keep an eye on the girl, and sees what appears to be two winos stumbling towards the ship's gangplank. She yells up to the ship, and Aaron Cheetah responds. She tells him about the supposed winos, and also tells him of their guest in the hangar. Emma descends down to the lower crow's nest.

On the ship, Green Harry spots what appear to be a group of six men approaching the ship. He keeps an eye on them, informing Aaron of their presence as well. Coming back up to the main deck of the Scarlet Lady, Emma stumbles over what appears to be the form of one of the other ship guards, and checks his condition; he's alive, but unconscious. She alerts Harry, who has moved to a higher position. Aaron and Harry move down to the area of the gangplank but still on ship, as the six men take up a position nearby, just talking among themselves.

Several minutes later, the six men approach the player characters at the ship's gangplank. They tell Harry and Aaron that if they give them the girl, no one will have to get hurt, and they know that they've got her on the ship. Harry denies any knowledge of the girl at all, but the men are not convinced. Emma takes up a position of partial cover aboard the Scarlet Lady, and keeps an eye on the situation. Harry and Aaron are warned not to take any hasty action as they prepare for possible boarding at the gangplank, and from the surrounding, nearby crates another six figures raise their heads. Harry and Aaron can see that these men are all armed with rifles. Harry and Emma individually curse at the Captain arming them with steampistols; they're useless against the range of the rifles.

When Emma attempts to move, one of the rifle wielders fires a warning shot. She shouts out to Aaron and Harry that they've got boarders, and a second shot catches her in the shoulder for a painful wound. The leader of the men on dockside tells the characters that they should take it easy, and then dispatches three of his men there to check the hangar, and see if the girl is there.

In the hangar, Maggie tells Henry a little bit about what she remembers, and the two of them are oblivious to what is going on outside. The echo of the rifle shots alerts them to something happening back at the docks, and when Henry sees the door start to open, he hustles Maggie to cover, and then conceals himself. The unobservant men's senses are no match for the Neobedouin's ability to hide, and they do not find the girl.

During the seeming stalemate back outside, Harry goes to check on Emma, leaving Aaron to keep an eye on the men, and finds she's been pretty badly wounded, but is able to give her some first aid. The men return from their search of the hangar, and report that they found nothing. The antagonists depart the area, slowly, while Aaron watches them. Harry and Emma move off on the ship itself to see if they can find the other crewman left on guard there. Harry finds the other guard, but is attacked by surprise and barely avoids decapitation, but he goes down. Emma finds Harry after she is also attacked, but kills her opponent, and then finds Harry and saves him from possible death, and heals him back to consciousness. The two watch as the second attacker on board the Scarlet Lady swings from the ship to the docks, and races after his allies, though Emma takes a shot at him and misses.

The player characters make sure that the attackers are all gone, and while they leave Harry to guard the ship, Emma and Aaron go to the hangar. They find no trace of Henry or the girl, but the Neobedouin eventually emerges with the girl once he's assured that the men after the girl are gone, and Emma is pleased to hear that the girl is well. Returning back to the others, Aaron and Henry decide the safest place to hide Maggie would be the engineering area of the Scarlet Lady. Emma goes dockside to find the missing guards, Henry takes Maggie below decks, Aaron goes with Emma to find the missing guards and to patrol dockside, and Harry remains to guard the ship at the gangplank. Emma manages to find the other two guards unconscious, and drags them back to the Scarlet Lady's deck.

Sunrise comes what feels a long time later. Angus McTaggert shows up with the replacement guards at the ship, and learns from the player characters what occurred during the night shift. He is not happy about the girl being aboard the vessel. The Captain arrives at the dockside and hears all of what has happened. She is not pleased about Maggie's presence aboard or of her being taken in by the player characters, and informs Aaron that he is taking on the care of Maggie from this point forward. However, his punishment is that he will swab the deck of the ship every day after construction, and that he and Harry will be helping to repair all the wooden deck gunfire damage from their encounter with Maggie's would-be assailants. He's also to give his room at the Blue Parrot to Maggie, and he'll be sharing accommodation with Green Harry for the nonce. Harry isn't happy with this, but says nothing. Captain Tempest sends Harry and Emma to Peg Leg Davis in the poor quarter of Isla Aether for treatment of their wounds. After they have left, she tells Henry and Aaron about the departure of Finnius Cloudbody, who's taken a berth on a merchant vessel belonging to his family.

Some time later, the player characters meet up at the Blue Parrot, and set Maggie up in her room. Henry and Aaron tell Emma and Harry about the departure of Finnius, and Harry seems to be pleased that he's gone. Emma takes Maggie down to the common room, and gives the starving girl two bowls of stew and some weak gin. Harry and Aaron join them, and discuss what Maggie can do aboard ship. She's not all that happy about becoming a cabin girl. Discussing various aspects of how Maggie will change their lives, the player characters discuss her wardrobe, and it's decided that she needs some clothes. They take Maggie shopping for second-hand clothes, and manage to get her a wardrobe at a cost of He7.40 which are paid for by Aaron.

Amidst a variety of discussions, the player characters and Maggie head back for the Blue Parrot, all the time concerned for her welfare, and wondering how they're going to deal with her. Or rather, wondering how Aaron is going to care for her...

This was very much an abbreviated wrap-up of the scenario introducing Maggie, the little girl, to the game, and to be honest, I wasn't at my best on Sunday running the game due to health concerns that can be found in some previous blog entries. In many ways, I may have made a mistake running the game on the Sunday, given what happened to me on Saturday, but hindsight is 20/20 as they say. This game session marks the end of the scenario, as mentioned, and puts the Abney Park's Airship Pirates campaign on hiatus for the Sunday group for the nonce. I'm not going to go into some of the problems encountered with this Sunday game, for various reasons, but suffice it to say that I've not abandoned the Abney Park's Airship Pirates game at all, and will be coming back to it.

To find out what game the Sunday gaming group is playing next week,'ll just have to read my blog! :)
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