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Primeval Series 5 Begins Tonight on Space

For those who live in Canada and have access to the station (and those who live outside Canada and can access the channel), Space is showing the fifth series of Primeval starting tonight at 10:00 pm.

Here's what the local newspaper had to say in the "Fine Tuning" column by Alex Strachan today...

Everyone's favourite Thursday night dino drama is back

Primeval, much like the prehistoric critters it depicts ravaging current-day Britain, just won't die. Not only is the U.K. sci-fi thriller back for a fifth season tonight - that's half a decade, fellow terrestrials - but the specialty channel SPACE has announced a homegrown spinoff, Primeval: New World, to start filming in Vancouver early in the new year.

The spinoff, from the same Vancouver production company that is turning History TV's docu-reality series Ice Pilots NWT into a full-blown drama for CBC (Arctic Air, to premiere in January) will build on the mythology of the U.K. original, which has been described alternatively as "unashamedly populist viewing for the masses" and "everyone's favourite (Thursday-) night dinosaur drama."

It's been a year since the last new episode of Primeval, and things have changed. The Anomaly Research Centre (ARC) is now one of those joint government/military facilities and there are some new faces.

The "anomalies" - rips in the space-time continuum - are still a pressing concern. In the season opener, a hole opens in the ground under a roadworks crew, and in less time than it takes to say, "Wassup?" a critter that looks suspiciously like a giant bed bug menaces Primeval's heroes, Matt (Ciaran McMenamin), Abby (Hannah Spearitt), and Capt. Becker (Ben Mansfield).

Primeval is ludicrous, but it's great fun. That's the point. I doesn't take itself too seriously, and you're apt to have yourself a rip-roaring, good old time watching it. As one hapless bloke says, midway through the hour, "Any sign of more creatures?"

Oh, yes, most assuredly. Primeval is everyone's favourite Thursday night dinosaur drama, remember.

Not exactly a rave kind of spin on the series, but positive in all the ways that count. And remember, it does have dinosaurs! :)

Me, I'm looking forward to watching the first episode of Primeval Series 5 tonight (well, not watching but taping anyhow), though I did see the Fifth Series run on the internet earlier in the year when it was airing on Watch in the U.K. Personally, I'm just pleased that Primeval is back on publicly available tv in Canada, to be honest.
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