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A Strange, Somewhat Bad Sunday

Yesterday was a very mixed day, and the evening was particularly bad.

The Sunday gaming group created their characters for the Primeval RPG game, but for a while it looked like they weren't even going to be able to decide on the group framework and structure. Fortunately, things resolved themselves (as they usually do), and we were able to take care of character generation. I'll blog about this a bit more later.

Then the problems started... The evening started off well, with supper and a bit of tv. However, by 8:30, I was in serious trouble. I was wracked with spasms of pain from about 2 inches below my sternum all the way down to my groin, with no consistency to where the pain was. Sharp, stabbing pains that were quite agonising at times, and this continued all the through until some time after 2:00 am this morning. Accompanied by lots of sweating. I don't know whether this has something to do with the aggravation of the bulging disc in my back, or whether it was something else, but the result is that I am extremely tired this day, and have taken the day off work. Fortunately, I had an appointment with the doctor scheduled for today at 1:15 pm, so will see what he has to say on the matter.

The whole unfortunate business means that I pretty much missed most of Once Upon a Time and Pan Am, so I will spend some time today catching up with those on computer, tv stations and health permitting.
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