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Knee Problems II


I got to the point when I was getting off work that I couldn't take the pain in my knee much more, and headed over to the doctor's office, where I was able to beg, borrow, and steal a quick "slip me in" appointment. See, I'm one of these people who avoids the doctors to the best of my ability when I'm feeling ill...but I felt as if something was *really* wrong with my knee and leg.

Anyway, the doctor took one look at my knees and said, "You know the left one is very swollen. Does it hurt much?" as he pressed down on the kneecap. I just about screamed, and then may have faded out for a moment or two, because the next thing I know I'm sitting on a chair, and he says that I may have twisted or torn the ligaments. So, he sends me over for x-rays to the nearby lab, and I have to bring the x-rays back immediately. He's not happy with what he sees on the x-rays, but says he's going to send them to a specialist friend of his. He'll call me by the weekend if something is really wrong. In the meantime, he gives me a prescription for some meds, tells me to take a couple of days off my leg, and to put ice compresses on it for fifteen minutes at a time every few hours or so.

So, I hobble out of the doctor's office, get into the car, and drive home. And as soon as I get off this infernal machine I'm going to pop a couple of pain pills, and put ice on my leg again.

*sigh* Welcome to my world. :(
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