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The Sunday Report

The weekend was one of those strange ones, where things were a bit uncertain for me, but overall I had a good weekend.

You can check out some more recent journal entries about Friday and Saturday. Suffice it to say, I woke up on Sunday morning and wasn't sure that I was going to be able to game, as I was hurting and in pain in places that have no right hurting and aching after the Geology class field trip on Saturday. By the time I hauled myself out of bed, to get ready for the afternoon gaming session, I felt a bit better, and the croissant and café au lait for breakfast and the hot shower afterwards definitely helped.

I got some of the gaming stuff for the Primeval RPG that I was starting with the gamers ready, and then figured I should vacuum the upstairs carpets and dining area before gaming, so started that. I knew that I tweaked the back the moment I lifted one of the dining room chairs onto the table to get it out of the way when I vacuumed. It was sore, but I managed to finish the cleaning, and then I started to have stomach and abdominal spasms and cramps. I did some of the stretches that I'm supposed to do and they eased off somewhat, but there was no way that I was going to be able to put the furniture back or pack up the vacuum cleaner, so I figured I'd leave that stuff for one of the guys to do when they got to the house for gaming.

I started to get lunch ready (homemade sub sandwich for those interested), moving slowly and taking things easy, and Doug arrived first on the scene. He was kind enough to help me out moving the furniture back into place and putting the vacuum cleaner away, and then helped me get some of the fixings for lunch out of the fridge and all.

Once the other players arrived for the day, we got into the first session of the Primeval RPG. Since the game isn't actually out yet (and won't be until some time in the first quarter of 2012), I'm using an early version of the layed out game until it comes out, and am actually accessing the material on my laptop. The session was pretty simple, going over some of the basic mechanics, doing some sample combat, and giving the players an idea of how the Primeval RPG handles and works. The players seemed to have fun with it and a good time, and after everyone had left, I had a bit of a snack and some tea before getting supper ready.

I spent the evening doing a bit of reading, cleaning up the dishes from supper and gaming, and then watching part of the Ottawa Senators-Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey game before crawling into bed.

My body was hurting somewhat fiercely by the time I went to bed, so I took a couple of Robaxacet, and then crashed for the evening. Did a bit of reading in bed before I turned the lights out, and had a good night's sleep. For a change.
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