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Sunday Thoughts

Sitting here at work this a.m., having a good morning.

I'm drinking a second cup of coffee this morning (had the first one at home with breakfast) after a somewhat restless night's sleep, and figured I'm post up here while I have this opportunity.

Yesterday's game session with the Sunday gaming group of the Primeval RPG went pretty well, and was much better than I expected it to be. A full journal write-up of the game session will go on-line as soon as I have the chance to do so, once I transcribe my scribbles onto the computer, but for now I'll just say that the three players did a terrific job of playing the game, getting into their characters, and really getting into the feel of the PRIMEVALverse. Lovely stuff.

Spent part of last night reading (I'm finishing up Terry Pratchett's Wintersmith and am rather enjoying the book as most Pratchett fans may have guessed. Also watched the latest episode of ABC's Once Upon A Time, and am quite enjoying the series. I like the way the faery tales are being told in flashbacks and we learn more about the various characters, but can't help but wonder how they're going to keep this series going.

Anyway, back to work.
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