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The Good and Bad of Tuesday

Have just got home from work, and have to get ready to go out and attend my Geology class this evening. The weather is still cold and wet, and my back is still beyond the "achy breaky" feeling. Been taking Robaxacet pretty much all day at 6-hour intervals to keep the pain at bay. It may be helping somewhat, but doesn't feel like it.

In other news, came home to find that there were several pressies in the snail mail. First off, two books - Myth-Fortunes by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynne Nye and The Iron Jackal by Chris Wooding. Second, two music CDs - first, the new Abney Park CD, Off the Grid, and the Thea Gilmore CD, John Wesley Harding.

So it has been a good day.

The only problem is that I've discovered that my DVD/CD player is well and truly dead. This means a new player is in my near future, and I've been thinking of getting a large tv while I'm at it ('cause I might get a better deal on it). May have to go shopping for stuff this weekend. In the meantime, can't watch any DVDs (and I've got a stack of about 20 to watch in the queue) or listen to CDs on the stereo.

Ah, well.
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