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Sneak Peek at Some (Early) Primeval RPG Stuff

Figured I would give folks a bit of a treat.

Most of the folks who read my LJ know that I'm running the Primeval RPG. Since I'm using the early layout version in PDF to run the game, as well as some of the charts that were printed up on my suggestion for the running of the game at this past GenCon, I figured I'd give folks a bit of a peek at the material.

First up, a screenshot off my Dell Inspiron of one of the pages from the chapter on the alternate campaign setting of Dinosaur Hunters, Inc.:

Second up, a second screenshot off the Dell laptop, this time of a page from the Character Generation chapter:

Third, a couple of pages from the handouts for the GMs from GenCon, featuring what might be the cover page for the Introduction chapter of the book, and the page with the Skill summary:

Finally, a shot of the various and assorted sheets that were provided for running the game at GenCon. Quite a few as you can see, but quite useful:

Hope folks enjoyed.
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