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Shopping for Electronics

Saturday morning. Another Saturday morning, at any rate. :)

Last night's game of the Primeval RPG with the Friday night gaming group was pretty good. The players had an interesting time, to say the least, and are looking forward to seeing their group's chronicles posted up to the blog. I keep promising to get around to that, but other stuff seems to conspire against me.

Today is going to be a busy day, at least for the afternoon. As mentioned in another post (at least I think I wrote one about it), I need to replace my DVD player, and so plan to go looking for one today. If I can, I'm going to purchase a JVC DVD player, as that's going to keep it consistent with the other stereo equipment that I have. While I'm at it, I'm thinking of buying a new tv as well, since it's time to replace the old 16" one that I've got here at home, so am thinking a 40" telly, but have to make sure that its plugs and wires and connections are compatible with the stereo system. And then there's replacing the wooden entertainment cabinet with something new... Argghhh! Too much stuff to think about in this regard. Anyway, we'll see what happens this afternoon.
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