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Electronic Purchases

Spent the afternoon out with spross shopping around for electronics, and have made some purchases.

As noted from several previous journal entries, my JVC DVD player has given up the ghost, the image freezing at odd, random times, and the fact of the matter is that it is over 10 years old. At the same time, I've been watching tv on a 16" old Panasonic for Goddess knows how long, and I figured that since I needed to replace the DVD player, why not go whole hog and get a new, state-of-the-art tv while I'm at it?

And so that is what I've done. Today, I bought myself a new Samsung 46" television set, a new Samsung blu-ray player (since JVC doesn't make those any longer), and a small cabinet to put the new units and the existing stereo components in. No, I'm not going to mention how much I paid for the three, but it cost me between 1 and 2 thousand dollars for the lot, and I got a good deal on the stuff. I also managed to get delivery and installation, plus hooking up of the components again to the new equipment, and we'll see how that goes.

Now, I just have to figure out what to do with the old huge Palliser home entertainment cabinet that I've got, but I guess for a while, the living room is going to be seriously crowded.

As for the purchase, I think of this as my Hannukah and/or Christmas presents to myself.
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