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Some Ghosts of Albion RPG Thoughts

While out and about yesterday hunting down the elusive 46" tv and new blu-ray player, the last stop of the day/evening was the good old Comic Book Shoppe in the Merivale area of Ottawa, as they had received something that I had ordered.

I picked up my copy of the Eden Studios' Ghosts of Albion roleplaying game yesterday, and managed to peek under the hood a bit yesterday evening. I've been waiting for this rpg since what? 2008, as it's been a long time getting published by the folks at Eden Studios, but I really do like the premise of the game, and may decide to run it somewhere down the line. That said, I was somewhat disappointed to not see my name somewhere in the credits, as I had done a lot of work, both making suggestions and editing comments and doing some playtesting of material for the game, back in the day, and... well, never mind.

The book clocks in at about 250 pages at a cost of $40 U.S., though I got it at the store for a bit cheaper than that in Can$, and I have to say that I'm glad of this. While the hardcover is lovely as hardcovers go, it's stark black and white, but is pretty expensive I think (not really up on the gaming industry costs for books these days, but I would like at least 300 pages for that same cost), and looks decent. The binding appears to be saddle stitch, and seems solid, but I had a split in the spine by the time I finished browsing through it around 11:00 pm last night.

That said, the content of the book looks pretty good, is typical Cinematic Unisystem in style and feel with some nice tweaks to fit the Ghosts of Albion setting, and offers some lovely setting feel and a good take on the source material. I may decide to run the game at some point, but still...the price. Oy vey!
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