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Groggy Thursday

Woke up this morning feeling somewhat groggy and a bit stuffed up. Late Wednesday night, of course, doesn't help, especially when the alarm goes off as early as it does.

Work this morning is quite intense, but very satisfying, and I am being nicely challenged at the job at the moment. Between the work challenges and those being offered by the Geology course, I am quite a happy camper, but at times my subconscious focuses on these two elements, and to be honest, dreams and nightmares have been happening much more frequently of late. (Currently the nightmares are focusing on the mistake my subconscious thinks I made with the television deal. How that will turn out is anyone's guess.) That said, the creativity has kept me going during this rough period of back pain and spasms.

Since today is Thursday, when I get home from work today, I will do a couple of hours of geology class homework, and then get to relax somewhat before dinner and all. There's nothing much on tv tonight, other than the second to last episode of Primeval Series 5, which I'm looking forward to seeing. (I saw these episodes on the internet when the series was airing on Watch in the U.K. back in the summer, but it's not the same as seeing them on a tv, and I'm looking forward to the DVD release of Series 4 and 5 towards the end of December. Primeval on the 46" television, can't wait!)

I'm working just the half-day tomorrow, as the folks from Bleeker are coming over to deliver and hook-up the new television, as well as connect all the different stereo components. Looking forward to this, but hoping all the old devices work with the new tv, let alone connect to it. Then I've got the Friday night gaming group, if all goes well and there's any space left on the living room floor to actually game and all. May even get a picture of the new set-up done as well, Goddess willing.
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