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Stuff on a Friday Morning

Gloomy Friday morning here in the Ottawa valley.

The weather is quite chilly this morning, and the snow is coming down in what I can only describe as a dusting of the stuff, but it's falling pretty constantly. Should make the drive home from work interesting this afternoon.

Speaking of home, this afternoon promises to be a busy one. The folks from Bleeker Stereo & TV will be coming over this afternoon to deliver and install my new 46" television set and the new blu-ray player that I bought last Saturday. I'm rather looking forward to being able to watch my dvd collection on the "big screen" (so to speak), but am somewhat concerned that the old stereo/vhs components will not be all that compatible with the new equipment and all. Guess I'll find out this afternoon.

I'm also rather looking forward to this evening, as I'll be running the Primeval RPG game campaign on the Friday gaming group. They're having a pretty good time of it at the moment and enjoying the game, but I am finding it a bit of a challenge.

Anyway, back to work.
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