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TV Delivery, Sort of...

The new television and my new blu-ray player have arrived. All is well with the world...

Well, not quite... The stand never got shipped, and thus they didn't deliver it this afternoon. So there is nothing to stand the new tv on, let alone put the sound and vcr components on, so they are currently sitting on the floor. All hooked up, all ready to go. Sure does have a pretty picture, that new tv. :)

The delivery and installation guys called back to Bleeker and straightened out the mess, and the stand and an extra coaxial cable will be delivered some time this evening. In the meantime, there is tv and components scattered on the floor, not to mention boxes and cables and cords and all manner of stuff. No room to game tonight for the Friday night group, and since I need to be here for the return visit from the Bleeker installation guys (between 6 and 9 pm), that means gaming is off for tonight. But fear not, gaming will be done tomorrow - that is, Saturday - night instead.

In the meantime, that tv sure does have a pretty picture...
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