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TV Delivery, Part Deux

As per this post, the new 46" television and new blu-ray player arrived and were installed today at the house. Sort of.

Suffice it to say that the situation and all has been rectified, and I have a brand new, *big* television sitting in my living room on a very nice stand, and all the components - vcr, tuner, amplifier, and new blu-ray player - sitting comfortably on the shelves, with their wires and hooks and plugs in the right places.

Now that the new tv isn't sitting on the floor and all, I can actually see it in the position where it goes, and it looks realllll good. Need to get used to the huge picture size and all, not to mention the new ways that the components are hooked together and to the tv. I've got a couple of doohickeys that need to be returned to Bleeker for a refund and all, but otherwise, everything looks good at the moment. I'll need to buy a new power bar/surge protector, as the one that goes with this laptop is now upstairs and servicing the new tv and stuff. Yes, I'm writing this journal entry on battery power! :)

In the meantime, the delivery and final installation of stuff happened while I was eating a very late supper, and so I haven't finished the evening meal yet. So I'm off to take care of that now. And watch a bit of new television stuff! :)

The only sad thing about this whole day has been the cancellation and moving of the Friday night Primeval roleplaying game campaign until tomorrow night. I'm just missing the gaming as per usual on a Friday night.

In the meantime, the consolation is that I'm going to get an early night's sleep tonight!
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