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The Saturday That Was

Somewhat cool Sunday morning here in the Ottawa valley. No snow, thank Goddess.

After the business with the new television and blu-ray player on Friday, woke up Saturday to find the living room seeming strangely empty, without the old Palliser entertainment cabinet, though all the left over wiring and power cords were everywhere, not to mention the huge box from the tv itself. Spent some of the morning tidying up a bit, reading a bit of the manuals for both the tv and the blu-ray player, and generally mucking about. Couldn't go on-line for most of yesterday as I had to use the surge protector power bar for the new tv (the guy recommended this Friday while installing the tv and all), and wasn't about to plug the laptop into an unprotected wall circuit.

My sister arrived in Ottawa from the U.S. around 11:30 am, and she called to say that she was safely installed at my mom's place around 12:15 pm, which was good as I got distracted and lost track of time reading the tv and blu-ray booklets. We talked about the Wind mobile phone deals, and Diana convinced me that I really just need to have the mobile to keep in touch with mom and all. We'll see how things go with that and whether I decide to do something along those lines down the road. We arranged to go to dinner tonight (Sunday), so I will definitely blog about that some time tonight or tomorrow.

After lunch, spross came over, and he helped with some errands. We took the old 16" television over to my mom's place, as she wanted it so she could replace the old one she had in her bedroom. Since I can't carry heavy stuff, Steve was kind enough to carry the load (literally) of the tv. And I'm grateful to him for that. Our next stop was Bleeker Stereo & TV, as I needed to return the high amp set of rabbit ears I purchased that just don't work with the new tv, so I got my money back on that.

The final stop was over at South Keys, where we went into Futureshop. I needed to buy another of the surge protector/power bar units, and picked that up easily enough, and then caved in on the Blu-Ray package of the three Jurassic Park movies for around $55. (I think this is the third time I've bought the films on DVD...) Good deal. Then it was over to Chapters, to see if I could get myself a 2012 calendar. Found the calendar easily enough, but also picked up three books - Snuff by Terry Pratchett, The Shattered Vine by Laura Anne Gilman, and Steampunk! edited by Kelly Link & Gavin Grant. The third book here is a young adult anthology of steampunk stories, and while I want a copy of this for myself, this copy is one of the Xmas presents for a person I cannot name here as they read my blog from time to time. :) Steve was also kind enough to pick me up a map of London for use with gaming, so that was a nice addition. Lots of people in Chapters of course, and the line-up for the cash was quite long, but it went smoothly and pretty fast.

After spross dropped me off at the house, it was already quite late, so time for me to start fixing a Saturday night supper for myself. I had already set some skinned chicken breasts to marinating earlier in the day, and made myself a chicken almondine with some couscous, green beans, and a small salad for supper. After dinner, the Friday night gaming group arrived to continue the Primeval RPG campaign, since we delayed Friday night's session to Saturday as a result of the tv debacle. The game went rather well, and to be honest, I found that I am really enjoying the game and all. The players had a terrific time with the game, and are finding it so easy from a mechanical and a roleplaying experience point of view. Angela had the best line of the night: "Running from dinosaurs is fun!" LOL! (Yes, the blog entries on the various Primeval RPG sessions will go up as soon as I get some time to breathe and all that.)

We finished gaming last night about 12:45 pm, and Kathy and Joanne gave me a bit of a hand cleaning up the dishes and plates from gaming snacks before they headed out. My goddaughter wants to watch the new 46" tv with me at some point, so I guess I'll have a "tv date" later this week. I couldn't fall asleep that easily last night, so did a bit of reading in bed before finally turning out the lights, and woke up around 8:00 am this morning.

Time for a shower, and then lunch and then gaming with the Sunday group.
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