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The Sunday That Was

Here's how Sunday went...

Woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty stiff and sore in the back, but otherwise felt relatively fine. After a breakfast of steel cut oatmeal, I showered, dressed, cleaned up a bit upstairs, and then did some writing on the scenarios I'll be running at CanGames, 2012 this coming year (hey, the convention's barely 6 months away!). After a quick lunch, got ready for the afternoon game of Primeval with the Sunday gaming group.

Suffice it to say, the group wrapped up the first scenario for the Primeval RPG campaign, and had a pretty good time of it. The scenario played out pretty much as I expected it to, and the players said they had a good time, and no real problems with the game system and its mechanics.

After cleaning up the house a bit after everybody left, I set the vcr to tape the episode of Once Upon A Time for the night, as I was going out to dinner with my mom and my sister, who's in town visiting mom this weekend. I drove over to mom's place and picked them up, and we headed out to the restaurant.

Diana took us out to supper at Sweet Basil Thai, a very nice restaurant in the east end of the city that has a relaxed, cosy kind of atmosphere with the table layout, lighting, and comfy chairs and tables. The restaurant menu is very simple, but quite savoury and tasty. I had thought that I was start with an appetizer of Satai (four skewers of marinated beef served with a piquant peanut sauce), but mom and Diana didn't want to split that with me, so I settled for a good sized bowl of Gaeng jued Sa-Lai Talay (a clear soup of pork or chicken with seaweed and mushrooms), that was lovely, hot, and quite savoury with its blend of spices. Diana and I had the pork version, while my mom had the chicken version, and we all found it to be very good. For the main course, I had the Pad Thai (stir-fried noodles, shrimp, tofu, egg, peanuts & beansprout with sweet & sour sauce), but was able to swap the shrimp for chicken or beef (I chose the chicken), and it was quite lovely with just the right balance of spicy heat and sweetness. My sister had a duck dish that was quite nice, though I didn't like the gamey taste of the duck, and my mom had another chicken dish as well that consisted of lots of veggies and no noodles. I was tempted to have some dessert, but to be honest, felt quite full and satisfied with the meal, and after some pleasant food and conversation, I took my mom and Diana back to my mother's place, and stayed there for another couple of hours having a bit of tea and biscuits, and caught up with my sister and stuff.

I got home about 10:30 pm, and relaxed with another cup of tea and a bit of a snack (some veggies and hummus) before having a bit of ginger ale before bed. Spent a bit of time reading, before turning off the lights.

Slept pretty well last night, and got up this morning full of energy. Still feel all right, and we're about halfway through the work day, so this is good. Plan to go home after work, and catch up a bit with some Crossing Jordan DVDs before settling in to work on some gaming stuff before this evening's episode of Terra Nova. After that, probably some reading and then bed.
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