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Catching Up on the Blog

Been a somewhat long, rather busy couple of days since I last blogged, but have to say that I've enjoyed myself for the most part.

Haven't gotten a lot of sleep since Saturday, what with some personal stress issues about this time of year raising their ugly heads and a few other things going on, as well as some basic insomnia rearing its ugly heads (yes, I know, the ugly head duo of stress and insomnia, wonderful...NOT).

Sunday's game of the Primeval RPG went very nicely, and the group had a good time in this new adventure. That said, I am looking forward to having a two-week break in gaming, as I need to recharge the creative juices a little bit. Watched a bit of tv on Sunday night, notably Neverland, and was rather intrigued by it until it was revealed that-- Never mind, not gonna go into detail on it. Suffice to say that I didn't watch Part 2 on Monday night.

Monday's work was absolutely hectic, and to be honest, not unexpected as with the long weekend coming up and the next week a waste as well due to the New Year celebrations at the end of the week, the bosses want work output to be increased a bit. Add to that that I learned that my immediate boss is going to be leaving the beginning of January, and well...stress!

Came home from work to make supper, and had a good meal of fish 'n chips, and then settled in to watch the two-hour season finale of Terra Nova. While I didn't like much of this episode simply because it got away from what I consider to be the central premise of the series, the ending of the episode and the way it was handled gave me back that sensawonda that I had at times during the first season, and made me want to watch a second season of the show. Whether we get a second season of the series, given the extremely high cost of making this series and the barely decent ratings, is another matter.

Had a decent night's sleep last night, reading another couple of chapters of Jack McDevitt's Chindi before bed, and came in to work to find a ton of work on my desk already this morning. Still have tonight's and tomorrow's Geology classes to look forward to as well, but then I intend to get some decent rest & recreation during the course of the later part of the week and into the weekend, and to watch a few DVDs on my new 46" tv.
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